thanks for everything! :)

Over the years our friends and teachers have helped us get to this point in life! So I am now taking this moment to say thank you for everything you have done for me and Year 6!

Best of luck in the future years! x

Thank You Miss Cox For A Brilliant Year!

Thank you to an amazing, beyond brilliant, smart and just generally fab teacher, Miss Cox!

She always tries to make learning new things fun and has supported all of us through out the year.

Thank you so much Miss Cox. You are amazballs!

Love from Tamzin x

Goodbye St. Sampsons C.E Junior School

Goodbye St. Sampsons we will all miss this school. Thank you to all of the staff who have helped us over the years


   Thank you and goodbye


Yesterday, I went to a concert called British Summertime and there I saw a selection of famous bands like Scouting for Girls, The Vamps, McBusted, Backstreet Boys and Diversity. Mcbusted were my all-time best and by that I mean they sung the top 5 of my best songs and they were Crashed the Wedding, Obviously, room on the 3rd Floor, Air Hostess and Who’s David. I thought they were outsdanding because they were just singing all the hits from the begining and my sister went to see them before they were even famous! The reason I went is because I really wnted to go to another concert.


Are you packed and ready for I.O.W? Have a go at this to keep the creative juices flowing! See you bright and early in the morning. 🙂


This is the penultimate prompt of this year. That means there is one more prompt after this! Your writing is getting so much better with some excellent story lines. This week the prompt is:

…the forest seemed alive as…

Don’t forget to only use 105 words altogether. Make sure your writing makes sense and do go and visit some other pieces and leave a supportive comment.

The form will close on Saturday 5th July.

WIMBLEDON has started!!

Wimbledon  2014 has arrived it started on the 23rd of June. Wimbledon is the worlds most famous tennis competition in the world! Andy Murray was the winner of last years competition and kick started the championship this year with a win against a Belgium player.

The longest game ever played at Wimbledon was 11 hours long  the players only got a 2 minute break after every  3 sets! The fans at Wimbledon are famous for eating large amounts of strawberries and cream. a tradition throughout the history of this competition. The decisions the refs make sometimes end in a brake of furious players rackets!

I hope that everyone enjoys watching and playing tennis and I want to know who do you think will win this year?



I hope you have a great day and get the presents you wish for! You chose a great wish to wish for! NO HOMEWORK! I hope that all of your friends made your special day as you have made every day special for us! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Relax you deserve it!      The most important thing is that just have FUN!

Thanks Miss Cox for everything!

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! Right now I am crying with joy from my Mum reading my report out to me! I have tried as hard as I can to get an amazing report and it payed off!

I would just like to thank Miss Cox for being one of the BEST teachers I have ever had! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Help Sumartan Tigers…

I don’t know if any one has watched the programme Tigers About The House!  The Charity that is trying to bring attention to these Tigers, as they are at risk of extinction ! As many people know my Mum helps set up the Leisure Centre Open day! I am considering to make loom bands for the charity to help look after the very rare Simartran Tigers!:)  If anyone would like to help me make them then please tell me in class!

These Tigers need as much love as we do.

The Open day at Cricklade Leisure Centre is on the 6th of July! Let me if you’re free ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

So please help! 🙂

Thank you! 🙂

Week #37

downloadXX2X Week#37

The prompt this week is:

…but that’s what happens in Brazil when…

You can write about anything as long as your pieces of writing make sense.

Make sure you go an visit and comment on at least two other posts and leave some supportive comments. We all love to get comments and make our work even better!

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